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Our Vision--

Local English for Every Kid

We provide fun and excellent classes to each of our students with Canadian local elementary learning experience. Our curriculum is based on the guideline of the Ontario Education Ministry . We combine the most recent development of English learning and information in using the English language in daily life.

Tina Alba

1st Grade

Mark Jones

2nd Grade

Reece Peters

3rd Grade

Grace Squires

4th Grade

Aiden Paul

5th Grade

Robert Sanders

6th Grade

Career With Us

Our excellent tutor team is the core competence. We value every tutor and provide competitive compensation. We have comfortable office environment as well as premium education facilities. Don’t hesitate to join our team!


ESL Tutor


Tutors work with our learner and give guidance through online session.  The online session would be center based. Delivering materials and curriculum is the major responsibility.


Curriculum Developer


Curriculum Developers are responsible for build up the curriculum for the learners. The curriculum development would be based on the situation of the learner and the guideline from Education Ministry of Ontario. The developer would work with our professional team in the Hong Kong.




                                                                                              How to Apply

Please submit your resume to Please put the title you are apply for on subject.

We appreciate the interest from every candidate. However, only the qualified candidate would be contact. Thank you for your interest!

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